3 practical models for oily hair!

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Messy bun

Messy bun models - Trends and Fashion

The messy bun, which we can call the most practical model, is also ideal for hiding your oily hair. You can make this model quickly before you leave the house. After making your bun, do not forget to remove your hair strands from the front little by little.

neck knob

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The nape bun, in which the hair is combed backwards, is a good choice. While doing this model, you can wet your hair slightly and lay it back well to get a smooth look.

braid model for long hair

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If your hair is long, the braided hairstyle will be very suitable for you. If you do not like to braid your hair because of your age, which does not matter, you can simply braid a thick lock from the middle part and leave your hair recommended.

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