Attention meat eaters!

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Specialist Dietitian Burcu Kırbaç compiled what exactly become considered concerning the meat associated with the Sacrifice for the readers of “Sacrifice meat shouldn’t be consumed for a passing fancy time. The problem we call ‘Rigor Mortis (hardness of death)’ noticed in freshly cut meat; it may cause negative effects such as for example food digestion and indigestion. On top of that, whenever we prepare this meat, it may be seen it is prepared later. Sacrifice meat must certanly be rested into the fridge every day and night and consumed as a result. Sacrificial meat shouldn’t be saved for over 12 months. Whenever We are likely to eat it later on, it ought to be changed to tiny portions and tossed to the fridge or freezer.”

Make yes the meat is completely prepared!

“Because red meat features a high fat content, excess fat and lard shouldn’t be added. Red meat is additionally saturated in cholesterol levels. Frying and roasting technique shouldn’t be chosen. Cooking practices such as for example range, boiled, grilled must certanly be chosen. Salt shouldn’t be added. Meat must be held at the very least 15 cm far from the fire while cooking into the barbecue to stop the synthesis of carcinogenic substances. Since natural or undercooked meat additionally poses a danger for infectious infection, we ought to be sure that the meat is completely cooked.”

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“Besides meat, meals containing supplement C ought to be chosen”

“Red meat is just a form of meat by having a high iron content. As well as red meat, calcium-containing meals that stop the consumption of iron within our human anatomy; Yogurt, ayran, tzatziki and kefir shouldn’t be chosen, meals containing supplement C, that is, increasing iron consumption, must certanly be chosen. Freshly squeezed juice in the home, do-it-yourself lemonade, a green salad with lemon or veggie meals with coconut oil must certanly be chosen. Since red meat can be saturated in cholesterol levels, day-to-day red meat consumption must not surpass 120 grms for females and 180 grms for guys.

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