Enter the summer renewed and revitalized!

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With Spring, which is the season of renewal and revitalization, you can try options such as Water Therapy, Spa Soul, Argan Release at Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus for your guests who want to shake off the weight of the winter season and make a fresh start.

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Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Health Club with ‘Water Therapy’ and Spa Soul’s May care offer, ‘Argan Release’. You can pamper yourself and your loved ones throughout the month.

Transformation Journey with the Healing Power of Water

‘Water Therapy’ sessions, which are used to soften muscles, increase mobility and flexibility, and open energy pathways to reveal introverted emotions, are invites you to the transformational journey of water.

This impressive therapy, also called Wataflow, is a movement-based therapeutic technique that supports the healing power of water through somatic movements, massage, breathing work, meditation and mantras, allowing water to heal you physically, spiritually and physically.

Wataflow session, which reveals the blocked energy in the body, is unique because it is specially designed for the person’s body. The first part of the therapy, which consists of two parts, provides deep relaxation with movements such as bending, stretching and shaking the body on and in the water, and helps to dissolve physical and emotional blockages. The second part takes place after getting out of the water, and the rebirth of the person is celebrated with the energy work done for grounding.

Detailed information can be obtained from the hotel for sessions held in the indoor pool between 11:00 and 16:00 every day of the week.

Argan Release Ritual for Smooth Skin

Conrad Spa Soul, which opens the doors of a completely different world to the guests of Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus in the heart of the city, offers a 30 percent discount as a care offer in May. It gives a refreshing touch to body care with the Argan Release’ ritual.

The care, which starts with a peeling consisting of pink clay, sugar crystals and argan shells that helps cell regeneration and has antioxidant properties, continues with a Ghassoul clay mask, which is filled with minerals that nourish the skin, has firming and soothing properties, increases skin elasticity and is prepared with argan oil. . It ends with the first cold-pressed Argan Oil massage, which contains beeswax and vitamin E, which prevents the skin from drying out and provides restructuring.

This body ritual, which consists of three stages and uses Charme d’Orient products, takes 90 minutes in total and provides intense moisturizing and care for all skin types.

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