Foods that will challenge the years

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To delay aging, many of us pay a ton and go under the knife for creams, serums or even surgery. However, the way to be healthy is primarily through a good healthy diet. Let’s see how much the food we eat affects aging, which foods delay aging.


It comes to the forefront with beta carotene, which is found in carrots and also gives carrots their color. Our eyesight may decrease as we age, and we may begin to see less than before. The beta carotene in the carrot reduces this situation much more and ensures its delay. In addition, our body converts beta carotene in carrots to vitamin A, and we must consume carrots because our body cannot produce its own vitamin A.

Oily Fish

Fish species such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and anchovy are very rich in protein and are recommended against aging skin. It is recommended to consume fish once or twice a week. Fish living in cold waters contain Omega3 fatty acids that accelerate blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Omega3 acids may prevent aging-related cognitive decline.

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It is very effective for our liver skin health. It contains vitamins A and B5 that support the elasticity and deep moisturizing of the skin. Especially poultry livers are a real protector against wrinkles. It should be consumed once a week in moderation.

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