Ghana prepares for possible first-ever Marburg virus outbreak

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Preliminary analysis of examples extracted from two clients by the united states’s Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research suggested the instances had been good for Marburg, and examples happen delivered to the Institut Pasteur in Senegal, a* that is( (WHO) Collaborating Centre, for confirmation.

The two, unrelated, patients from the southern Ashanti region showed symptoms diarrhoea that is including temperature, sickness and nausea. They have actually both passed away.

WHO mobilizes wellness specialists

Preparations for the outbreak that is possible are being set up swiftly as further investigations are underway, and WHO is deploying experts to support Ghana’s health authorities by bolstering disease surveillance, testing, tracing contacts, preparing to treat patients and working with communities to alert and educate them about the risks and dangers of the disease and to collaborate with the emergency response teams.

“The health authorities are on the ground investigating the situation and preparing for a possible outbreak response”, said Dr Francis Kasolo, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Ghana. “We are working closely with the country to ramp up detection, track contacts, be ready to control the spread of the virus”.

If confirmed, the cases in Ghana would mark the second time Marburg has been detected in West Africa. Guinea confirmed a case that is single an outbreak that has been announced over on 16 September 2021, five months following the initial instance had been detected.

High fatality rates

Previous outbreaks and sporadic cases of Marburg in Africa happen reported in Angola, the* that is( of the Congo, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda.

Marburg is transmitted to people from fruit bats and spreads among humans through direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected people, surfaces and materials. Illness begins abruptly, with high fever, severe headache and malaise.

Many patients develop haemorrhagic that is severe within 7 days. Case fatality prices have actually diverse from 24% to 88% in previous outbreaks based on virus stress and instance administration.

Although there are not any vaccines or antiviral treatments authorized to take care of the herpes virus, supportive care – rehydration with dental or intravenous liquids – and remedy for certain signs, improves success. A selection of prospective remedies, including bloodstream items, resistant treatments, and medication treatments.

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