Hair styling methods without using a heat device!

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Braid your own hair overnight

What Are The Main Reasons For Girls To Braid Their Hair?  - GirlsAsk

After using a bathtub, locks is normally much easier to create. Before hitting the hay through the night, braid your own thoroughly clean locks and retire for the night. When you get up each morning, your own hair are wavy.

Small curls with straw

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Starting at your own hairline, cover your own strands into tiny straws. If your own hair is straightforward to contour, it will likely be sufficient to hold back for four-hours. If it generally does not just take form conveniently, the wishing time may be a very little much longer. When you start the straws, you should have little small curls.

Heatless curls with aluminum foil

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Cut the aluminum foil into sticks, subsequently cover your own hair around these sticks. Here tend to be heavy curls without the application of heat! This approach may disrupt you when you sleep, so we suggest you to definitely exercise through the day.

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