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“It was easier for him to design with me than for me to sing with him,” said Alessandro Michele, announcing his new Gucci capsule collection with Harry Styles called ‘Ha Ha Ha’. Inspired by their friendship for the collection, Michele and Styles’ collection ‘Ha Ha Ha’ is also inspired by the initials of their names and the laughing face emoji they use in their messages.

Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, who met Styles when he released his first solo album in 2017, has been Styles’ favorite designer for a long time. Styles, who preferred Gucci in the red carpet and music tour styles for years, also became the face of the brand for the Fall 2018 collection. Styles, who is not afraid of sequined, sparkly, pink and flashy outfits, became the focus of the internet by wearing a black lace suit for the 2019 Met Gala.

“His fashion sense is incredible and he loves clothes,” says Michele. I observe that it is enough to combine different outfits in an unexpected and unusual way, ”she added.

“Harry has great instinct as well as a very clear and precise perspective and chooses his clothes with great care. The idea of ​​this capsule is banal in its simplicity and it has a value, it’s very sophisticated. We paid a lot of attention to the fabrics and the tailoring details,” says Michele. Inspired by the 70s with the new collection. Flared trousers, long jackets, fun patterns, childlike motifs and much more… It is possible to see both Gucci and Harry Styles touches in the capsule collection. The Ha Ha Ha capsule collection will be available for purchase at selected Gucci boutiques in October.

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