Interesting Godh Bharai Ideas to Make the Celebration Memorable

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Godh bharai is just a Hindu event that is followed in numerous places to provide blessings to your would-be mom also to welcome the child that is unborn. To celebrate a bharai that is godh, the household needs to hold back until the 7th thirty days of maternity since it is recognized as safe when this occurs. The ceremony is called* that is( in Bengal, Valaikaapu or Seemantham in South India and is conducted by female members of the family where the expecting mother is dressed up in heavy costume, jewelry, make up and etc. If you are planning for a godh bharai celebration, then make it a memorable event with good recipes, entertaining games and wonderful decorations.

Godh bharai decoration ideas:

Floral arrangements: To decorate the party area, you can use flowers like roses or orchids and choose vases that are decorative keep carefully the plants. You also can make garlands or bouquets and hang them or spot them on tables. This can not only brighten the area up, but will also spread a beautiful fragrance to enhance the mood.

Balloons: If you are aware of the gender of your baby, then you can decorate the place with balloons of a color that is specific. For a child, it is possible to select the color blue and for the infant woman, it’s always best to select red. Hang balloons through the ceilings or keep them on the ground, but be cautious while walking in the event that balloons are kept on the ground. Use streamers to embellish the walls.

Godh bharai food ideas:

Your godh bharai celebration is just a unique minute you will be treated like a queen and you will also be the center of attraction for you and your family and this is the time when. To make it interesting for all, choose recipes that are a delicacy.

Finger foods: a feast that is lavish exactly what visitors anticipate at any ceremony and any Indian event is incomplete without good meals. Make certain that you provide hand meals like springtime rolls, cheese wands, corn and cheese tikkis, veggie kababs, grilled meatballs, chicken drumsticks and so many more.

Lunch meals: For the luxurious meal it is possible to keep veg items which consist of, pulav, sahi paneer, malai kofta etc. And then you can add mutton biriyani, shammi kababs, tandoori chicken or some mutton recipes.(* if you want to include some non-veg items,) bharai game ideas:

Godh some unique games for your godh bharai ceremony will not only keep the guests engaged, but it is also a means that is great allow them to have a great time throughout the event.

Planning are some bharai that is godh for games.Here the baby items

Guess: different kinds of baby items like a bottle, rattle, diaper, pins, bibs etc. and hold the basket for 1 minute before the guests. Place them a pen and paper to write the items in the basket and the one who writes the maximum number of correct items wins the game.Give BalloonsAsk: The your guests to blow up balloons within a specified pass and time on to their partner to burst them.


Godh few whom blows the number that is maximum of and bursts them wins the game.To bharai is a ceremony that is performed to celebrate the arrival that is impending of infant.

result in the event memorable and keep carefully the visitor entertained, it is possible to follow some ideas that are interesting by us.(*)

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