John Elliott Opens Fourth Store in Aspen – WWD

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John Elliott has revealed their 4th store, in Aspen, Colorado.

Their other stores can be located on Melrose in L.A., the style District of Miami and SoHo in nyc.

The 974-square-foot boutique at 535 East Cooper Avenue seems to be a small amount of a departure for the Los Angeles-based brand, but Elliott reported, “When we think about where you need to take the brand and where our customer congregates, we thought it is an initial opportunity to access an authentic luxury customer.”

Elliott included that their brand is without concern affected by the surface and embraces seasonality—hallmarks of Aspen.

The store can be found in a prime location within the resort community.
John Elliott Opens Fourth Store in Aspen – WWD 2

itsthereally luxurious “be are directly“This store is essential as a result of the location. It’s in a incredibly noticeable part of a town with a genuine luxury network,” he said. “The byproduct would be the fact that we’ll have the ability to notify stories with brand-new and exclusive things that’s directly influenced by the current weather and unique surroundings that will just be current in Aspen.” Because the location is smaller set alongside the other three areas, Elliott reported the mix will be modified but will however contain men’s and women’s collections, artisanal leather pieces, Japanese denim, Los Angeles-made sportswear, a whole Italian-made footwear system, and Italian tailoring pieces. inrailing,continuousonstores and ended up beingThe design for the space is comparable to the brand’s other stores made by designer Stephan Wiemer. It features mirrors about the right back wall surface area and an ongoing railing that has been affected by one through the SoHo store. Although Elliott declined to mention where so when he’d choose to add more stores, he said there are certainly others within the works. The SoHo store, which established within the autumn of 2021, is actually “extremely successful,” and Aspen is “off to an incredibly exciting begin.” In each store, whether we’re known you can purchase of perhaps not, we’ve been able to ingrain ourselves to the communities and produce a profitable business, therefore we’re favorably not done.”

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