The contestant, who said goodbye to Survivor All Star, shocked! Eliminated June 14th…

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Survivor All Star 2022, which was followed with great curiosity, this week’s elimination candidates were Atakan, Hikmet, Ogeday and Nisa. The name who said goodbye to the contest by receiving the least SMS in the voting among these four, surprised…

Survivor All Star, who was preparing to make the final at the end of June, last night. There was another farewell in the aired episode. In Survivor All Star, the most watched competition of TV8 screens, there was both an immunity game and farewell last night. Before the individual races, 4 names were voted.


The Celebrities team won the first round of immunity in the Survivor 2022 All Star competition. The winner of the second round was the Volunteers team. The Volunteers team won the remaining game to Best Of.

Elimination candidate has been announced this evening. This evening, the elimination candidate will be announced at the Celebrity Council. Then there will be elimination. Hikmet and Ogeday were the elimination candidates this evening. The elimination candidate was announced at the Volunteers Council last night. The elimination candidate was determined as Atakan. Last night, the first elimination candidate was Nisa.

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This year, for the first time after immunity, the name who said goodbye to the island was Çağan Atakan Arslan . With the elimination of Atakan, the council almost broke into ice. Atakan stated the following:

“I want to call out to my son. Your father completed the competition and will be with you soon. My story ends here.”

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