The Dukan Diet! 5 million French can’t be wrong!

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The Dukan diet consists of four phases.

dukan diyeti ile 10 gunde 3 kilo verin peki dukan diyeti listesi nedir nasil yapilir

Attack phase:

The first and most important phase of the Dukan Diet is a process that takes between 1 week and 10 days. The body is loaded with protein at a high rate, you can think of it as a kind of protein attack where animal foods are predominant. The most challenging aspect of the attack phase is that consumption of any vegetables, fruits and greens other than protein should not be included in the diet during this process.

dukan diyeti nedir diyet listesi tarifleri ve evrelere uygun beslenme

Cruising phase:

We can say that it is the starting point of a long diet process. After performing the 10-day attack phase, he has started to lose weight thanks to the protein attack. It is experienced as a rapid, weight-loss-focused diet period. By adding 28 types of vegetables included in the book, it covers a process that continues to eat the foods in the attack step. Another important point to note here is that vegetables with high starch content such as corn and potatoes are definitely not consumed in the Dukan diet.


Strengthening phase:

We can say that it is one of the last steps to reach the goal after the difficult process. In this process, weight loss has stopped. A 5-day strengthening diet is applied for every 1 kilo. Oats, on the other hand, is the basic food that must be taken at this stage, you should include 2-3 spoons of oats in your meals a day. In the following weeks of the strengthening phase, fruit is consumed in low portions and reward menus are included in the diet at certain intervals.


Protection phase:

This final phase focuses on weight maintenance and continues indefinitely. It continues as a long-lasting process that needs to be progressed as a lifestyle. During the balancing phase, the rules of the strengthening phase are followed, but the rules can be relaxed as long as the weight remains stable. As an indispensable element of nutrition, oats are consumed regularly every day, and in addition, high protein should be included one day a week.

Walking for at least 20 minutes during the day and 6 glasses of water consumptionIn the final phase of the Dukan diet, as a life style that should be protected for life. seriously is highlighted.

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