The famous actor of the Valley of the Wolves, Selahattin Bel, came back from the dead!

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Selahattin Bel, who left his mark on a period with the character of Raskoln in the Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush series, fell off the horse the other day. The famous name, who returned from the dead, reported that he had no health problems and survived with minor abrasions.

Selahattin Bel, who made a mark in the minds with his performance of Raskoln in Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush, almost felt bad while working for a new project.

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kurtlar valley ambush scene

Famous actress Selahattin Bel, who took horse training for her new project, lost her control after the horse became moody during the training. Bel, swayed by the crazy movements of the horse, fell to the ground. Bel’s manager, while making a statement on the subject, stated that there was no serious problem or accident, and that he survived with minor abrasions and injuries.

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