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Did you know the effects of rose water, which has been the beauty secret of women for many years, on the skin? While it purifies the skin with its light and natural content, it also soothes, refreshes the skin and helps to eliminate color unevenness.

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Benefits of Rose Water

Delays Aging

Your skin is quickly affected by sun rays and external factors, and the chemicals in the products we use as anti-aging cause us to age even more. However, the fine structure and natural nature of rose water causes an anti-aging effect.


Refreshes Your Skin

You can use rose water during the day by putting it in a small spray bottle. In this way, besides keeping your face moist throughout the day, you will help your skin stay elastic and fresh.

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Soothes Sunburns

Rose water is very effective in soothing sunburns. If you forget your sunscreen and get a bad burn, you can apply rose water, it will soothe the burns immediately.

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Can be used on sensitive skin

Many products cause redness and acne on sensitive skin, but thanks to the natural structure of rose water, it can be used on sensitive skin.

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