The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

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Speaking on behalf of doctors, nurses, public health professionals and medical students all over the world, TTB spoke about the banning of nuclear weapons.

Regarding nuclear weapons, TTB said, “As a matter of global health and life, we consider the elimination of nuclear weapons an urgent necessity.Updated evidence of the devastating consequences of the indiscriminate use of nuclear weapons, the acute and growing danger of such use, and the impossibility of any effective humanitarian aid to the public in the wake of nuclear explosions, has led to the impending 1 There should be facts on which to base the work of the meeting.TPNW is based on incontrovertible evidence documented by scientists, healthcare professionals, and experts in crisis management and response.Accordingly, the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons will be devastating, affect the whole world, and it will not be possible to compensate.The conclusion of the treaty, with which we agree, is that the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons is the only responsibly recourse to such consequences.”He used his words.

TTB, which states that if actually used, nuclear weapons can cause incineration heat, shock waves and high pressure, ionizing radiation, heavy electromagnetic pulse and smoke and soot that can change the climate of the earth, continued, “Nuclear weapons, unlike conventional weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, can cause. It instantly destroys human communities and cities and destroys the environment. Radioactive contamination caused by nuclear weapons continues for centuries and causes cancer and other diseases that will last for generations. Moreover, the environmental consequences of nuclear war, including severe climate degradation, could lead to global famine and, in most cases, the extinction of the human species. In the case of the use of nuclear weapons, there can be no meaningful casual response in terms of medical or disaster relief.” Said.

This Is The Only Way!

As the World Health Organization has stated, nuclear weapons pose the greatest imminent threat to human health and well-being, and the elimination of nuclear weapons is the only way to end this avoidable but unacceptable threat.

As member and observer states prepare to arrive in Vienna for the 1st meeting of states parties, we invite the ratification and implementation of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons without delay and on a universal scale. (BSHA- Science and Health News Agency)

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