Top 3 exercises for strong arms and muscles!

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One of the body parts that almost every woman tends to avoid while doing sports and fitness training is the arms. With a few simple exercises, you can strengthen your saggy or weak area if it is your arm area. despite. So what are the 3 best exercises to strengthen your arms? Let’s find out…

1) Push-ups

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One of the most effective exercises to get strong arms is push-ups. You can use your own body weight for this and you don’t need any equipment. Push-ups work not only the triceps, but also the chest and shoulders. For push-ups, lie face up with your legs straight, feet close together, and arms close to your chest. With your forearms in a vertical position, support yourself with both hands and push yourself up. Your body should form a straight line. Then return to the floor and lower your upper body again in a controlled manner. Push-ups can be challenging at first, especially for people with untrained arms, so set low goals and gradually increase your goals each day.

2) Shoulder press

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Like push-ups, the shoulder press should not be missing from your arm workout. The exercise works not only the shoulders and triceps, but also the neck, chest and stomach. You can do the shoulder press with a barbell complete with planks, weights, or alternatively with two filled water bottles. How To: Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Keep the respective weights on both sides at the level of your collarbone. Then push the weights up until they are straight and overhead.

3) Biceps biceps move


Never heard of the biceps move? Then we can say that it is time to dream of well-trained arms. As the name suggests, the popular exercise specifically works the biceps. Weights can be done with dumbbells or filled water bottles. Hold a weight in both hands and stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your arms at your sides and roll your shoulders back. Then, without moving your upper arms, slowly and controlled lift the weights with your forearms toward your upper body. When you reach the upper part of your body, hold for a short time and then slowly lower yourself down.

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