Top 3 ways to define your curly hair!

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People with naturally curly hair are often envied. You don’t have to reach for the curling iron first to rock your strands in a curly way. But curls do not always look as natural as you want. We give you powerful tricks that you can easily integrate into your hair care routine and will help you achieve defined curls.

By the way : Even on supposedly straight hair, light curls are often hidden. With our tips you can bring them to life and stage them skillfully.

Curly hair: 3 top tips for more definition

1. Use anti-frizz shampoo

Curly girls should rely on intensive hair care. This works, for example, with a shampoo specifically for curly hair. You don’t need to be afraid that products will make your hair unnecessarily heavy. Curly shampoos strengthen the bounce of your curls, pull hidden curls out of hiding and create an airy, defined head of hair.

Clue : It is sufficient to distribute the hair shampoo only on the hairline. This will protect your hair ends from drying out.

2. Use a diffuser while blow drying

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Proper drying after a shower is important. If you blow-dry your hair and frantically toss it through your uncombed hair, you need to account for frizz. So what to do? First of all, for an extra dose of protection and moisture, you can apply a no-rinse conditioner before drying. Then attach an attachment called a diffuser to your hair dryer. This dries your hair more indirectly and gently. Take separate sections of hair and blow dry for about 60 seconds. Blow-drying with the diffuser technique will reward you with more volume and defined curls.

Clue : Avoid combing with a brush when your hair is dry. This separates the individual curls so they no longer fall out beautifully.

3. Scanning while wet

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The rule is this: curls want to be combed neatly. As already mentioned, you should not process dry curls with a brush. This roughens the hair structure and causes an undesirable, puffy appearance. Therefore, you should carefully comb and detangle the curls only when they are wet, preferably with a wide-toothed comb. A spray treatment or a nourishing oil can make combing easier.

Clue : When it is dry, you should run your fingers through your hair at most to dissolve it. You can also loosen small knots in dry curls with your fingers.

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