Victoria’s Secret Beauty Drops New Fine Fragrance — Its First in Five Years

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Victoria’s Secret Beauty possesses a fresh fragrance, its first in five years. 

The beauty brand—which may be owned by dad and mom company Victoria’s Secret & Co.—on Tuesday will introduce “Bare Eau de Parfum,” a partnership with global perfume university Symrise. 

Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s new fragrance, Bare,

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“Throughout our change, we’ve been specialized in making time for consumers and saw a unique have to search well for a fragrance that complements women of all of the backgrounds and lifestyles,” Kristen Lagoa, vice president of merchandising, beauty, and add-ons at Victoria’s Secret, told WWD. “This one-of-a-kind fragrance provides on our goal to commemorate all women by adjusting to each person’s body chemistry to produce a scent unique for them.”

“We started having conversations as being a team: if we was to fully capture the manufacturer in a container today, what would we develop?” And that’s precisely how Bare came into existence, “she proceeded.” “This launch associated with fragrance is a huge normal expansion of our goal to uplift and champion all women. This new fragrance pillar honors the potency of individuality and evolves into something breathtaking with everyone. It really is about celebrating radical authenticity and represents a much more subdued element of sexiness that all woman can relate with. “

Victoria's Secret Beauty

A model in Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Bare campaign.

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Julianne Pruett, vice president of fine fragrance, usa, at Symrise, included: “Bare is unlike almost any fragrance in precisely how it needs the idea of a signature scent up to a completely new level. Our exclusive Real You Accord—a proprietary combination of adaptive musks, developed aided by the [nonprofit, independent scientific research center] Monell Institute—amplifies the wearer’s unique scent, being a manifestation associated with authentic self. 

Lagoa said it took Victoria’s Secret roughly a few years to make Bare. 

“Choosing a fragrance is surely an extremely specific experience, therefore we took our time developing a scent that could be both relatable and unique to everyone who wears it,” she explained. “While Bombshell and Tease [fragrances] continue being perfect for our brand name, and today our company is acutely satisfied with them, our brand name is effective, our customer is effective, and there was an entirely various component we’d been lacking.” “Bare is our many intimate experience. It Is with regards to a calm confidence which arises from knowing being your genuine authentic self.”

Victoria's Secret Beauty

An image from Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Bare campaign

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The new scent is at the woody-floral fragrance nearest and dearest, and it’s also made out of “upcycled materials and responsibly sourced ingredients,” according to Pruett, or a combination of musks, such as for example, for instance, mandarins from Madagascar, Egyptian violet petals, and Australian sandalwood. 

When creating this fragrance, we wished to create one thing different—something that unveils the signature scent people are looking for,” Nathalie Benareau and Carlos Vinals, master perfumers at Symrise, whom helped create Bare, claimed in a joint statement. “Comforting yet captivating, soft yet sensual. The style is to accentuate the pure beauty associated with wearer without handling his or her scent and individuality. 

The Bare collection includes parfums, mists, ointments, and body creams and ranges in expense from $15 to $79.95.

Pruett added that the modern fragrance furthermore makes use of cryptosystem technology. 

Bare is first-to-market with this fragrance encryption technology that protects the uniquely crafted fragrance and its particular proprietary elements, ensuring Bare will still be a trade key to Victoria’s Secret, she claimed. 

The women-led Bare campaign wound up being shot by Zoe Ghertner and styled by Camilla Nickerson, and comes with a diverse cast of females, including models, actors, performers, gardeners, and wellness companies. 

Lagoa said beauty remains one among Victoria’s Secret’s fast-growing teams. Nevertheless, the launch of Bare is mothers and fathers Victoria’s Secret & Co.’s latest modification efforts to regain share of the market and develop earnings. 

Camila Cabello Victoria's Secret Beauty

Camila Cabello, whom stars in Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s April 2022 Bombshell campaign,

Courtesy image of Victoria’s

In April, Victoria’s Secret Beauty established a multilanguage campaign—its first ever—featuring Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Camila Cabello. In those same 30 days, Victoria’s Secret Beauty launched on Amazon, the brand’s new selling wholesale in the shape of an on-line market. 

“[Bare] will be the latest section of our growing beauty company,” Lagoa claimed. Bare would go to stay static in focus for people for the remaining of year. If We want to sustain that excitement to help Bare develop a once, the same as we will have for Extremely Sexy, Tease, Heavenly, and, needless to state, Bombshell.

“Our focus is on continuing to give things that will uplift and champion women on the specific journeys,” she included. Bare Eau de Parfum will be the latest center point of our research into crafting more individualized experiences for consumers. We desire women to feel undeniably confident when they wear Bare, and that confidence starts with unlocking and increasing what’s presently right here. That’s what this launch provides on, celebrating authenticity in its simplest type.”

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