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    10 fake nail models that will drive prosthetic nail and nail art lovers crazy

    Woman/General/10 fake nail models that will drive prosthetic nail and nail art lovers crazy You will be shocked to see all the weird and interesting nail designs! Here are those weird nail models 19 seconds agoLast updated: September 16, 2022 0 1 minute reading time

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    Paradise Rubber Atheltic Shoes 2022

    Inspired by the classic silhouette of 1950s sneakers, Paradise Rubber Athletic Shoes have a durable yet lightweight design. Crafted in Japan, these sneakers feature a 100% Kojima cotton canvas upper and kiln-vulcanized gum rubber sole. Read on to discover more about the materials used to craft these shoes.Paradise Rubber Atheltic Shoes Paradise Rubber Atheltic Shoes The History of Paradise Rubber…

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    Event images on the red carpet! – Woman and Woman

    Barbara Palvin Here’s Barbara Palvin’s red carpet style! Looking at this image, “Oh, Barbara, why?” I want to question. Yes, we witness celebrities wearing absurd things at many events. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get used to it. Barbara, who looks like the sister-in-law of the wedding with her sequined short-sleeved black dress with a meaningless object on it, and the…

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    The low waist trend is here again!

    Low-waisted trousers, which reigned for a long time in the fashion world but fell out of trends with the emergence of high-waisted trousers, are among us again! 1 hour agoLast updated: September 2, 2022 When you look at the youth photos of yourself or your elders if you are younger, you will realize how a hit piece low waist pants…

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    A new start to the new season! minimal nails

    Although prosthetic nails and permanent nail polishes are quite dazzling, we leave this exaggerated look behind as we enter the new season and recommend more minimal, clean-looking nails! oval nails I don’t think oval nails will go out of fashion. You should choose this nail shape for both a clean stance and a simple look. short nails There is no…

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    The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

    Style Box UK Fashion Are you a fashion enthusiast? Want to look trendy but not sure how? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Nowadays there are many fashion blogs, one of the most famous and oldest is style box UK fashion lifestyle blog. If you haven’t heard of it yet or want to know more about the style box UK…

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    The trend piece of the season is the best of bermuda shorts!

    basic bermuda Basic bermuda shorts will be a good choice for those who say that they like glamorous things and prefer even the simplest of the trend. stone color bermuda Stone color is always among the most preferred. I’m sure this Bermuda model, on which you can wear colorful crops, will suit you very well. ripped jeans bermuda We can…

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    Palazzo jean elegance: Dozens of combinations with one jean!

    Woman/Clue/Palazzo jean elegance: Dozens of combinations with one jean! Palazzo jeans are such a useful piece that they will not go out of fashion even after years. So how many different combinations can you make with a single jean? 53 minutes agoLast updated: August 24, 2022 0 less than a minute Add elegance with bustier A sporty combination with an…

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    Another new trend: Hulk green!

    The movie She-Hulk: Attorney at law, which fans of the Marvel universe have been waiting for a long time, met with its audience at Disney. While our new superhero attracted great attention, his favorite color green was on the rise and the name of the new trend was thus ‘hulk green’. Hulk green trend from celebrities Many famous names such…

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    5 fashion trends that marked this summer!

    Denim shorts craze Denim shorts, which were once the most trendy piece, have returned to us after years. Keeping up with the summer fashion in a cool way, these shorts have become an indispensable piece for crop combinations. Flip-flops Flip-flops, which we are familiar with from beach fashion, combined with high-heeled shoes and appeared as a different piece. These heels…

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