Ways to clean toilets in 1 minute

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One of the troublesome and difficult cleaning in your home is toilet cleaning. Toilets are one of the places where bacteria and microbes are concentrated. Be sure to check out these methods for simple and effortless cleaning against these germs.

The importance of vinegar in cleaning

All kinds of vinegar are suitable for cleaning, especially apple cider vinegar will act as a completely natural, wonderful disinfectant in cleaning the toilets in your home. After you put the vinegar in the bottle with a sprayer head, it will be enough to spray it into your toilets.

Powder detergent

Did you know that you can use the powder detergent you use to clean your laundry to clean your toilets? Besides, it is possible to easily pour the detergent into the toilet and get a clean image in seconds without breathing difficulties during cleaning and without wearing a mask.

Boiling water

Hot water has a strong effect on eliminating bacteria, you can pour a pot of boiling water into your toilet for an effortless and instant cleaning without using chemicals.

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Toilet cleaning gel

In order to facilitate your daily cleaning, a few gels that you stick on your toilet will allow you to spend the whole week clean and hygienic.

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