What Are the Benefits of Sage Tea? What Is Sage Good For?

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Have you heard of sage but not sure what it is and what it’s good for? Made from another plant of the mint family, sage uses sage leaves and hot water. Rumor has it that sage has several benefits on our health, so if you’re interested, find out more below. Sage Tea

What Is Sage Tea Good For?

Although we will examine the benefits of sage later in the article, what kinds of things are said to be good? Generally speaking, sage is used for:

  • Help with menopausal symptoms
  • Provide a source of antioxidants
  • reduce inflammation
  • Support skin health
  • Support oral health
  • Help with brain function
  • Improve blood sugar control
  • Support heart health

Benefits of Sage Tea

Whether you are looking for support for women’s health or for your skin, sage can be consumed for various reasons. Discover all the different potential benefits of sage below.

Menopause Support

Sage has been used for many years as an herbal remedy for menopausal symptoms. Sage has been used especially in the treatment of hot flashes. One study highlights the first evidence of sage’s effectiveness in treating menopausal women with hot flashes.

What Is Sage Good For?
What Is Sage Good For?

Source of Antioxidants

Another benefit of sage is that it has antioxidant potential. This means it can be effective at providing your body with molecules to fight free radicals – harmful compounds that can be unhealthy if you have too many of them. One type of antioxidant that sage tea is high in is rosmarinic acid, which animal studies have shown is beneficial for reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels.

In the research, he emphasized that sage is effective in improving antioxidant defense in a double-blind trial on human volunteers. In addition, the same research emphasized that sage positively affects the antioxidant status of the liver when working on diabetic rats. However, he also noted that the antioxidant potential of sage tea can vary with each brand, so you need to consider this when purchasing.

Supports Skin Health

Sage can also be used to support your skin health and has been used in traditional medicine throughout history to treat skin conditions. Looking at the details, it seems that one of the main compounds found in sage is camphor, which is beneficial on the skin.

A study on mice found that camphor was effective at stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells. However, it has also proven to be beneficial for slowing down the signs of aging and reducing wrinkle formation. Another area of ​​skin health where sage tea can help is skin healing. In particular, animal studies have investigated how effective sage is at healing sores and herpes. Likewise, several different scientific researchers have emphasized by doing test-tube studies that sage extract has the ability to kill some harmful fungi and bacteria that can harm your skin health.

Supports Heart Health

And finally, there is some scientific research showing that sage tea can help with cholesterol levels and therefore support heart health. Sage extract has been found to improve the HDL/LDL ratio, improve cholesterol levels, and reduce triglycerides, insulin resistance, and the size of adipose tissue.

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