What are the causes of facial sweating? How to Prevent?

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Excessive sweating in the head, face and forehead may occur due to the social and psychological state of the person. People who sweat because of their appearance and uncomfortable feeling are in a very difficult situation. Sweating is a physiological part of body temperature regulation, but excessive sweating of the face and head, and even the flushing accompanying sweating is a condition that can negatively affect our social relations and even cause social phobia. Excessive facial sweating, especially forehead sweating, can adversely affect visual function with sweat irritation in the eye. In these people, sometimes psychological problems can deepen when this problem remains unresolved. These episodes of excessive sweating and flushing are mostly uncontrollable by the patient and the complaints gradually disappear. For this reason, patients do not want to enter any environment due to the anxiety of blushing and sweating and have difficulty in concentrating. Excessive sweating on the face also brings odor negativity. This situation, which negatively affects their lives, can be really disturbing and annoying. So what are the causes of facial sweating? how can you cope? let’s find out…

How to prevent facial sweating?  Natural solution... - HEALTH NEWS

What causes excessive facial sweating?

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If facial sweating affects the person’s daily activities, social life, education, work life, and psychological state, this situation is called excessive facial sweating. Normally, the structure of the sweat glands of people is at a normal level unless there is a hormonal disorder. However, this condition of elderly individuals with excessive sweating is considered a disease. The cause of excessive facial sweating is the overactivity of the sympathetic systems that regulate the sweat state. In these cases, they involuntarily sweat excessively from the face area. Facial sweating can be attributed to the following reasons;

  • Genetic
  • being overweight
  • Exercise
  • extreme hot weather
  • depression, stress
  • Irregular functioning in the brain
  • compulsive activities

How is it treated?

How to prevent facial sweating?  Natural solution... - HEALTH NEWS

In order to make sure that intense sweating is not caused by a medical condition or a reaction to a drug, it is necessary to go to the doctor for a control and examination that includes evaluation. When severe sweating occurs due to a health problem or a drug, secondary hyperhidrosis may be suggestive. As this may be a sign of a serious health problem, it should come to mind first. If the severity of sweating is not excessive, it will help reduce the problem of sweating; The problem of sweating can be minimized by applying products such as creams, lotions and soaps to the skin regularly. The aluminum chloride contained in such products suppresses the sweat gland channels and prevents the sweat from being expelled from the body. When sweating is severe or these treatments are insufficient, the problem of facial sweating is eliminated with drug treatments, botox treatments or surgical interventions. In addition, drugs with anticholinergic content also provide short-term relief.

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