What are the symptoms of depression? – Woman and Woman

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Depression, which we can call the plague of our age, shows its true face in old age. Depression is a disease that affects all age groups, children, young and old. You may need this list to find out if you or your loved ones are depressed. Thanks to this list, you can reconnect to life.

Psychiatrist Dr. Burçin Nuri Akal pointed out that depression is a disease that needs to be treated:

“Unfortunately, we can sometimes perceive the symptoms of depression as a normal aging process and be accepting. However, depression is not a normal temporary emotional process, it is a disease that needs to be treated.” said


Depression Symptoms

  • feelings of guilt
  • Sleep and appetite changes
  • feeling helpless
  • Insignificance
  • Thoughts of death and suicide
  • prolonged despair
  • inability to enjoy life

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Depression symptoms in the elderly

  • Insomnia
  • Forgetfulness
  • Loss of attention and interest
  • Bodily complaints and preoccupation with them
  • Unrest
  • Agitation
  • Do not withdraw themselves from daily life with sentences such as I am not feeling well, I am not in a good mood.
  • Starting to neglect his diet
  • Unexplained physical complaints
  • Frequent visits to the hospital with physical complaints such as insomnia and pain

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