What is Pinworm in Children | How to Avoid Pinworms

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What is pinworm and how is it transmitted?

Pinworms are slender parasites a inches that are few. Female parasites keep the intestine at and lay eggs around the anus night. Since these eggs are resistant to the external environment, they can stay alive for a time that is long. The eggs are sent by contact and enter the body that is human the mouth. The eggs taken orally open in the intestine and turn into parasites after 1-2 months. Situations such as lack of hand habit that is washing bad hygiene conditions, sharing equivalent sleep and garments boost the transmission. Pinworms in children It is generally noticed in places such as for example nests, dormitories, nurseries.


  • Itching in and round the anus
  • allergic responses
  • night restlessness
  • Indigestion, bloating and fuel
  • Anorexia

Pinworms rarely result severe complaints. Most complaints are found in pediatric patients.

Pinworm in Children: Diagnosis and Treatment


It is identified by the existence of parasites into the stool. Itching close to the anal area, specially atThepinworms in childrenWhile should be considered night. The parasite can be seen with the eye that is naked however the eggs associated with the parasite is visible by having a microscope. the parasite it self is visible into the stool, its eggs aren’t noticed in the stool. real diagnosis

Cellophanecellophane tape test

The is positioned with.Thus tape test:Using basis associated with the test is dependant on the parasites protruding through the anal area and laying eggs into the region that is perianal. A tape that is transparent put on skin round the anal area, after which this tape is followed the lamella.

Since, the test is ready.

pinworms in children

Treatment this test, pinworm eggs are analyzed by having a microscope.

Since the parasite lays its eggs through the night, a sample taken before defecation each morning or during sleep through the night can give the absolute most result that is accurateIt:The pinworms recur easily, all family members should receive treatment at the time that is same. It is addressed by having a dose that is single of taken orally. Toilet same treatment is applied again after 15 days. is very important to pay attention to hygiene for the treatment to be successful. ,

Changinghand and nail cleaning

Protection it is very important for that.

Nails underwear daily, cleaning the anal area with soap in the morning, changing sheets and sofa covers frequently reduces the recurrence of the pinworm that is contagious your family.Since:

Health Benefits should really be quick, cleansing must be done without pressing feces, and soap that is liquid be used if possible. Vaseline pinworms can survive outdoors for weeks, sheets and clothes should be washed regularly, the bathroom should be cleaned regularly, and underwear should be changed daily.Usage Tips You of

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