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When he saw the message with Oğuzhan Koç from Ümit Erdim’s follower, he was furious! He immediately disclosed

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Actress Ümit Erdim, who took a break from acting and took pilot training and became the agenda with the weight he lost, revealed the message he received. Erdim was furious when he saw the message that a follower made a request about Oğuzhan Koç.

The famous actor, who had a big break with his role as Hayat Bilgisi’nin Arif, took a break from acting and became a pilot. Ümit Erdim, who also piloted Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç in the past months, revealed a message from his social media account.

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A follower who tried to contact Oğuzhan Koç, sent a message to Ümit Erdim “Greetings of hope, Oğuzhan We want to reach Aries. We will request a mini concert from him at our factory picnic. Can you help?” .

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Follower, the continuation of the message to Ümit Erdim “If you want, you can join too. You can benefit from our free barbecue party” said.

Umit Erdim, who got angry with the message he received, reacted to the message : “This poor quality, this style will end us. We really misunderstand the concept of sincerity” .

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