Which face types should use which glasses?

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Those who will renew their glasses, beware! Do not buy the glasses you like very much, pay attention to your face shape. Find the right glasses for your face shape and discover the subtleties of being more stylish.

Glasses for Round Faces

If you have a round face shape, the glasses you choose should contrast with your face. You can choose square and rectangular glasses that will make your face look longer. However, round models such as the shape of your face should not be preferred.

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Models for Oval Faces

If you have oval-shaped facial features, you are very lucky. Because almost every desired model of glasses suits the oval face line. Square-shaped frames with soft corners and rising towards the temple are especially suitable for oval face types.

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Models for Square Faces

People with square facial features usually have almost the same proportions. When choosing glasses, you should choose thin and curved frames that will soften your face. Cat-eye style glasses models will suit this face type very well.

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