Who said goodbye to Survivor All Star? The contestant who received the least number of SMS on June 18…

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While the excitement continues in Survivor All Star, the eliminations continue at full speed. After Atakan, who said goodbye to the island for the last time, the Survivor torch of a new name has gone out. In the last part, the struggle for individuality continued. The name that bids farewell to the candidate has been announced…

Another name in Survivor All Star said goodbye to his dreams. After the immunity game, the island council was held. Saying goodbye to the island, the name surprised the audience.


The excitement of the individual immunity game was experienced in Survivor. The duo of Nagihan and Adem, who went to the final by eliminating their opponents, fought fiercely for the third immunity. The contestant who won the third immunity in the final game was Nagihan with a score of 4-1.

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The elimination candidate of the week in Survivor was determined by the winner of the immunity game, Nagihan. The third elimination candidate of the week, chosen by Nagehan after the island council, was Hikmet.

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The name who said goodbye to the island on the evening of June 18 in Survivor was Ogeday .

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