Why should you do pilates? Here are the incredible benefits of pilates!

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exercise from the past

Have you ever thought why Pilates is such a preferred exercise? The emergence of this exercise, which is frequently preferred in the modern world, actually dates back to ancient times. Plates were developed in the 1920s as an exercise that works the whole body to strengthen the muscles. It has remained popular since then.

power center oriented

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The most important feature of Pilates is that it is power center oriented. This sport activates all the muscles of your body and strengthens the pelvic floor and lower back muscles.

Provides a healthy posture
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Pilates provides a strong posture both sitting and standing. It relieves tension on the spine and back.

counteracts stress

In the hectic rush of daily life, our bodies are inevitably tense. If we don’t comfort him, the damage this tension will do to us can grow. The combination of strength training and conscious breathing in Pilates not only strengthens our body, but also relaxes our minds and can counteract stress.

Fast weight loss

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Pilates stimulates circulation and metabolism, and intense sessions can burn up to 500 calories per hour.

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