Your health may be in danger if you drink these beverages!

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Coffee drinks

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Coffee to wake you up in the morning, coffee to stay awake at night, coffee while at work, coffee, coffee, coffee at the library… Coffee accompanies us in almost every part of our lives. Those who do not have a weight problem and do not consume too much sugar can relax. However, if you are not included in this category, your health is in serious danger. Coffee-mixed drinks with milk, cream and sugar on top are a calorie bomb.


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All fruits contain valuable fiber and are very beneficial to consume. However, when we turn fruits into beverages and consume them, unfortunately, we do not benefit from these valuable fibers. Fruits that are made into drinks such as juice or smoothies leave behind their valuable vitamins and turn completely into fructose. Therefore, it is more beneficial for your health to consume fruits as they are.

energy drinks

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Did you know that energy drinks contain significant amounts of sugar? Although it promises to keep you energetic, you should stay away from these drinks.


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Did you know that milk contains more calories than cola? We are sure that you will be very surprised by this information, but it is true.

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